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Lawn and Turf Seeds in Kissimmee, FL

Make Your Property Lush with Our Lawn and Turf Seeds in Kissimmee, FL

Lush, green grass is one of the main keys to a beautiful property. It blends in well with tasteful landscaping or stands strong on its own as the key feature of a yard. Of course, you’re only going to be able to enjoy that lushness by choosing proven lawn and turf seeds in Kissimmee, FL, from Central Florida Seed, Inc.


Grandpa's Grass Seeds in Kissimmee, FL

Argentine Bahiagrass Seeds in Kissimmee, FL

Bermuda Grass Seeds in Kissimmee, FL

Seeds for All Conditions

 Using a blend of seed types is a good step toward growing a lawn of which you can be   proud. One seed will germinate quickly while others come along later and can fill in gaps or   thin spots; mixing types provides teamwork for your lawn. Grandpa’s Grass Seeds mix fits   that bill nicely. It provides fast germination and greening and establishes a healthy and         strong lawn that requires much less water than other seeds. It’s easy to seed and comes in    four-pound units that cover up to 300 square feet.

Argentine Bahiagrass seeds are components in Grandpa’s mix, but they are also ideal for use in their own right. This type of seed is applied to properties across the Southern US, where it works well as a lawn and pasture seed. Because it has larger leaves and a darker color than other bahiagrasses, many homeowners favor the Argentine Bahiagrass seeds. This grass is drought, insect, and disease tolerant and works well in full sun and warm weather. It turns brown in light frost but comes back quickly with the return of warm weather.

Seeding Rates for Argentine Bahiagrass seeds: Plant 5 - 10 pounds per thousand square feet for lawns. Plant 25-50 pounds per acre.

Bermuda grass seeds are used for lawns, roadsides, and pastures in the southeastern US, with improved versions applied to golf courses and sports fields. It has good drought tolerance thanks to deep roots, short leaves, and its low-growing nature. This seed loves warm weather and sunshine and establishes quickly with adequate moisture.