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Offering Wildlife Seeds in Kissimmee, FL

Finding the right grass for your hunting grounds is crucial for creating a natural habitat for wildlife to thrive. That’s why at Central Florida Seed, Inc., we offer a wide range of wildlife seeds in Kissimmee, FL, that are perfect for attracting various animals to your property. All of the grass seeds that we provide are perfect for growing in Florida’s climate. To learn more about the seeds we have to offer for our hunting grounds, reach out to our office.

Japanese Millet Seeds In Kissimmee, FL

About Our Seeds

Wildlife grass is designed to give a more wild and natural appearance to your property, making it ideal for animals in your hunting grounds. All of the seeds we offer are of the highest quality and are sure to help you attract even more game to your hunting property. Some of the types of grass we offer include:

Japanese Millet

Japanese Millet seeds are used as a cover crop or temporary pasture during the summer months. Blades can grow up to 2 to 4 feet, and they mature in about 60 days. This type of grass is suitable for wetlands and is excellent for attracting doves, ducks, and quail.

Browntop Millet

Browntop Millet seeds are famous for their use in hunting fields throughout the Southeastern United States. This grass is highly productive, making it an excellent choice for dove and quail fields. It can also be sued as a cover crop, allowing erosion control when mixed with Bahia grass. Typically, Browntop Millet will grow to two feet tall and mature in 60 to 90 days.

Browntop Millet Seed In Kissimmee, FL