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At Central Florida Seed, Inc., we empower property owners to create an environment that suits their purposes. When managing a hunting ground, it isn’t enough to stock your property with suitable game—you also need to plan for the future. By recreating the natural habitat of animals, you will find it easy to keep your grounds teeming with prize marks. At the same time, hunters and visitors will appreciate staking it out in natural surroundings.

Whether your main draw is deer or ducks, our wildlife seeds in Kissimmee, FL, will allow you to create true-to-life hunting grounds. We are leading suppliers of grass seeds that grow well in the state’s climate. Choose from our selection and start planting. If you aren’t sure where to begin, please let us know: our experienced team members will work with you to procure the seeds you need.

Japanese Millet Seeds In Kissimmee, FL

About Our Grass Seeds

Wildlife grass is a species of grass that is suited to recreating the natural habitats of animals. They give your property an undeveloped appearance. In turn, animals on your hunting ground will feel more at home, and it will also attract more over time. The wildlife seeds we stock are of high-quality, and they will allow you to develop land as you see fit.

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Japanese Millet

Japanese millet seeds are used as a cover crop or temporary pasture during the summertime. Blades can grow up to 2 to 4 ft, and they mature in about 60 days. It is more suitable for wet conditions than other millets. Japanese Millet is an annual grass for food plots. They are great at attracting dove, ducks, and quail.

Browntop Millet

Browntop millet seeds are famous for their uses in hunting fields, cover crops, and summer grazing crops throughout the Southeastern United States. Browntop millet is highly productive, which makes it a popular choice for dove and quail fields. As a cover crop, it is usually mixed with Bahia grass for erosion control. Featuring fast germination and growth rates, this species of grass will make an excellent addition to your property. Browntop millet will grow to about two feet tall and matures in 60 to 90 days.

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Browntop Millet Seed In Kissimmee, FL