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Helping Create Lush Green Lawns in Kissimmee, FL

At Central Florida Seed, Inc., we are proud of the role we play in helping homeowners and commercial property owners grow lush green lawns in Kissimmee, FL.

Our seeds are specially adapted to flourish in the high temperatures and high humidity conditions they will face on your property. Not only will they help you create a beautiful carpet of grass on your yard or sports field, but they also promote erosion control while boosting growth. All of the lawn and turf seeds we sell are thoroughly tested to meet our rigorous quality control standards so that you know they are ready to plant.

The most popular lawn seed mixture we sell is Grandpa’s Grass Seeds. Some of the seeds in this blend germinate quickly, while others come along more slowly to fill in any thin spots or gaps. This mixture requires less water than others. Included in Grandpa’s mix is Argentine Bahia grass. It’s also an excellent standalone choice for planting and nurturing lush lawn turf.

Not only are we happy to provide you with the best grass seed mix for your property, but we will also help you get started by offering planting instructions for your lawn. Contact us today to order your seeds and get beneficial growing advice.