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Soil and Tools

Follow Our Planting Instructions in Kissimmee, FL, for Rich Grass

At Central Florida Seed, Inc., our goal is to help you create rich and verdant grass on your property. We do this by providing planting instructions in Kissimmee, FL, that are based on more than 30 years’ experience as seed suppliers and caring for lawns and pastures.

Getting the Best Results

Using Bahia grass seeds as an example, we’ll show you how our instructions can benefit you for success in creating your own grassland.

For pastures, take a soil sample to an agricultural agent or private lab. The results will indicate suggestions for fertilization and adjusting soil pH (should be 5.5 to 6.5) before planting. Clearing all debris for a proper seed bed is key for germination and pasture establishment. Bahia grass is generally planted with a culti-packer or seed drill, which allows for adequate seed spread and planting depth.

This can be a great deal of work, depending on the property’s size and condition. It’s not easy for some landowners to find the time or access the equipment to do it properly, so we maintain a list of companies in your area that can do this seed planting for you.