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Planting Seeds

Get the planting knowledge that you need to successfully grow your lawn at Central Florida Seed, Inc. Based in Kissimmee, Florida, we are a seed supplier with more than 30 years of experience with planting and maintaining plants. Below are some special instructions on how to plant your Bahia Grass.

Bahia Grass

For pasture use, take a soil sample to your local Agricultural Agent or send it to a private lab. This testing will provide suggestions for fertilization and adjusting soil pH before planting. The soil pH should be in a 5.5 to 6.5 range. Preparing a proper seed bed is important for good seed germination and pasture establishment. The area should be cleared of all debris and cultivated to create a good bed. Bahia Grass is usually planted using a culti-packer or seed drill. This allows for proper metering of seed and planting of seed at the proper depth. Contact us for a list of companies in your area that can perform the planting for you.