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	Tifquik Bahiagrass    is a new variety that is an excellent choice for pastures in Florida, Texas and the more southern areas of the Southeast. 
	Tifquik provides for quick germination and establishment. 
	Developed by the USDA and the University of Georgia, Tifquik was bred "To have reduced hard seed and thus faster germination and field establishment than Tifton 9. 	

	These features mean that a Tifquik seeded pasture will be covered earlier, and grazing or hay removal can be performed sooner-with higher initial yields" says Bill Anderson, a geneticist with the Agricultural Research Service of the Crop Genetics And Breeding Research Unit in Tifton, Ga., who with his colleagues developed Tifquik.

Argentine Bahiagrass

The answer for Florida Lawns


Argentine Bahia Grass is a great choice as a lawn and pasture grass in the more southern regions of the southeast US. It has a larger leaf structure and darker green color than other Bahiagrass, which makes more desirable as a lawn grass. This grass loves full sun and warm weather. This variety would make a great substitute for St. Augustine and Floratam lawn grass because of its drought, insect, and disease tolerance. This grass will turn brown after a light frost but comes back with the return of warm weather in late winter or early spring.


Faster Forage Option for Growers